Home Owner's Club

Starting at $75/mo. Call for details! 778-829-8174

Home Owners Club members live worry-free knowing both the inside and outside of their house is taken care of for a low monthly fee.

Yes! The Home Owners Club has finally arrived. Canada Specialized Cleaning Agency is proud to announce our newest addition to our team, “The Home Owners Club.” Now you don’t need to call all these different companies to cut your grass, take care of your garden, clean your gutters, clean your outside window, power wash your driveway and sidewalks, and even clean and sanitize your garbage cans because we do it all plus more for as little as $75 per month. That’s right just pick three services for $75 per month and you never have to worry again, and if want us to do more we have over thirteen different services you can pick and choose from.
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Powerwash driveways & sidewalks
Clean & sanitize garbage cans
Wash all doors
Clean outside windows
Maintain Garden
Grass cut

One carpet cleaning every six months, includes 4 rooms, hall, 2 stairs.
Monthly 2.5 h our maid service.
One bathroom shower wall or floor tile & grout cleaning every six months

Starting at $75/month. Call for details.